Congratulations to Trihn Ly!

Trihn Ly recently graduated our Medical Assistant Program, and was sponsored by the TAA program with the Rural Workforce. We, as well as her TAA counselor Elva Jaqez, are very proud of all her accomplishments. Ms. Ly graduated with a near perfect attendance and one of the highest GPA’s in our schools history.

Ms. Ly was even successful in securing her own externship at the end of her classroom work by walking into the offices of the Northwest Diagnostic Clinic and offering her resume.

Northwest Diagnostic Clinic took her on for her externship. They were so impressed with her ethics and knowledge, that at first they were not looking to hire anyone, but did not want to let her go. They were able to find the funds to extend an offer of full time employment with them to Ms. Ly and she accepted. Her last day of externship was completed two weeks ago, and her first day on the job as an employee started June 20th.

We wish Ms. Trihn Ly much success in her new career!

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